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My name is Mr. Ramez

I believe every student has the potential to succeed and I believe that this is accomplished by passionate teachers.

It is the duty of every educator to touch the lives of their students in a meaningful way in order to inspire them to reach their full potential. 

So be inspiring; be passionate; be legendary!

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Teaching the Next Generation

Greetings teachers from around the world! 


My name is Ramez Takawy and while I am no longer an educator, teaching is in my genes and runs through my veins.    

During my teaching career, I developed a passion for the classroom and for the unending potential of my students; given the right environment and care, they can accomplish anything.


I've worked with and learned from teachers from all over the world, observing their successful methods and techniques.  I've gone through endless hours of Professional Development and training, eventually becoming a Trainer of Teachers as well.  At the end, it all comes down to one thing: passion.  

A passionate teacher will not rest until the students achieve the learning goals and objectives; a passionate teacher will engage students to stay focused and maximize their learning; a passionate teacher will inspire students to reach their full potential.


You can listen to me on my weekly podcast "Legendary Educator" where I talk to teachers and other professionals about their experiences overcoming their challenges, excelling in their teaching, inspiring their students, and teaching us new ways of thinking.  Every episode will have a tremendous benefit on your every-day teaching. 

If I make a difference in just one teacher that leads to more inspired students, then I am satisfied.

I am looking forward to reaching you and hopefully inspiring you enough to become a Legendary Educator.

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